Tuesday, 16 January 2018   
Sales of residential units of Sayeh Kish Project has started with special facilities


IranSazeh Company (Limited) established under No. 78552 dated 02/07/1990 in the Companies Registration Office and Tehran industrial property has been registered. IranSazeh Company is a subsidiary of the investment of Civil and Transportation Security (Limited) affiliated to the Social Security Investment Company (Shasta).



According to Article 2 of the Constitution of the subject of the company:

  • Investment and participation in the construction of residential, commercial, office and urban settlements, water and wastewater treatment plants and factories
  • Managing and monitoring the implementation of the above-mentioned buildings and plan the necessary contracts with consulting engineers and
  • contractors, whether natural or legal
  • The development and sale of land, residential, commercial and administrative buildings
  • Investment and participation in the production and distribution of materials, equipment, construction machinery and related activities, and buy and sell stocks
  • Buying and selling materials and equipment and construction machinery
  • Financing the expenses and credits from banks and other institutions
  • Conducting all business including import and export for the realization of the above objectives
  • Other operations have direct or indirect connection with the above-mentioned issues


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