Saturday, 24 February 2018   
Sales of residential units of Sayeh Kish Project has started with special facilities

Strategy of the Company



Vision Statement
The most prestigious construction company in building massive and important projects in Iran and Middle East region
Idealistic Goal

The highest ratio of return on investment in the industry
Maintaining and enhancing shareholder value

Long term goals

Increasing market share
Increasing Productivity
Increasing net profit emphasizing on cost reduction
Reducing construction time
Diversification of financing projects

Mission Statement

Maintaining and improving available resources by using maximum efforts to fulfill commitments to Shareholders
The production of wealth in the form of a combination of benefit and value of investments
Taking advantage of the favorable investment opportunities having the necessary capabilities at the national, regional and global level
Emphasis on elitism, productive employment and contribute to the determination of entrepreneurs seeking to achieve the goals and objectives of shareholders

Core Values Statement

Efforts to meet the consent of the shareholders by using innovative and creative methods in implementing the goals set
Establishing the principle of mutual respect and value the role of human resources for the effective role of ideas and knowledge as the main asset of the company and use the young and creative human resources to achieve the goals set in the mission statement
Rule of economic logic in all activities and decisions, small and large, in order to respond to shareholders and achieve higher profitability and productivity
Beneficial and efficient interaction with subcontractors in order to improve knowledge and empathy to advance their capabilities and integration and implementation processes
Compliance with environmental standards
Efforts to change traditional attitudes and create manufacturing knowledge of constructing industrial buildings in interact directly with academics, research, industrial and commercial
Self-esteem, learning, innovation and the establishment of management as the main driving force in the development and implementation of sustainable productivity
Efforts to maintain and improve the level of customer satisfaction with an emphasis on improving the quality of construction and after-sales service

Macro strategies

The development of public awareness, technical knowledge and improvement of technology in the areas of company activities in order to achieve the latest innovations and scientific achievements
Identification of consultants and contractors in different fields of business and enabling and promoting the development of partnerships with them on various projects
Diversification of financing for investment projects, development, cooperation and partnership with stakeholders
Portfolio optimization with a focus on value creation
Project-based approach with regard to market conditions, competitors, needs and prioritize programs
Identify needs and priorities in line with domestic market share
The strengthening of engineering units to develop the company's ability to participate in new business areas
Improving technical knowledge and awareness of staff through developing training and research systems and being in touch with science centers to employ modern technologies
Raise awareness of the latest technical and technological achievements
Reviewing the organizational processes and re-engineering the organizational structure of the system in order to achieve flexibility, increasing organizational efficiency and reducing costs
Reviewing and improving surveillance systems to enhance the quality and safety projects
Pathology contractual disputes and implement effective claim management process in order to serve the interests of the company
Retaining key personnel and publish their experience and knowledge in company along with recruiting younger expert


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